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Our mission is to inspire, teach and coach excellence in all areas of people's lives,

and in particular to provide today's youth with strategies and resources to motivate, empower

and excite them toward success and happiness.

We place significance on directing people to the resources available to help them live a fulfilled and happier life; for them to know that we all have the power to grow – at whatever age. And there is no doubt that the earlier in life we are exposed to these positive principles, the easier it becomes to make good choices that will lead us onward along the path of success.


Foundational to Mentorship Tribe is our belief of the importance mentors and role models have in guiding young people. Through our own personal experiences, we recognized how fortunate we were to have been mentored in our teenage years. These guiding hands and their support were a significant influence in our personal development, and ultimately responsible for the success we enjoy in our lives today. We readily admit that without their leadership, direction and instruction life would have been very different; comfortable self-confidence and happiness replaced instead with fear, insecurity and self-loathing. We should all be in pursuit of wise people who can help us through life's inevitable challenges.


We call this Youth Mentorship; Coaching, teaching, training and inspiring young people.


The personal development industry is replete with excellent speakers, great content and any number of positive strategies to live a happy life. However, there's a huge void – the youth market, which is where our focus lies.


Youth Mentorship, and our Youth Mentorship Forums, is focused on embracing these young people by providing them a platform where they can improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of their dreams and aspirations. Coaching young people, particularly those who are embarking out into the business world, is in great need.


In todays’ world we have seen huge advancements in technology and diversities of information which have dramatically changed the way we live. At the same time, these technologies are causing anomalous issues with our young people.


The millennial generation (primarily young adults in their twenties) and Generation Z (today’s teens) have had access to instant information during their entire educational experience. They have grown up with computers and the Internet, and have access to thousands of TV channels at any given moment. As a result they have been touted as the brightest, most technologically advanced and socially conscious generations that we have known.


Paradoxically, this group also faces unprecedented challenges. Teen suicide, bullying and cyber-bullying, substance abuse and an over-abundance of aggressiveness and violence are alarmingly persistent through this group. These are issues that were virtually non-existent in previous generations.


These are topics we aim to address through the valuable assistance of our tribe of like-minded mentors. We do this through the Youth Mentorship Forums, books, films and a variety of other exciting, inspirational and motivational events:


Youth Mentorship Forums:


The forums address the issues and challenges facing youth today. A panel of respected and renowned educators, mentors, advisors and business professionals present opportunities and strategies on creating a healthy and safe environment for our young people that will bring positive changes to their future. Our forums are held in:


New York/New Jersey

University of Southern California

High Schools/Colleges




The Dirt Merchants by Henning Morales:

The novel has received critical and academic acclaim for its hard-hitting writing style and the weaving in of life lessons. It has been described as an exciting novel with a built-in success formula for young people.


The Big Brain Bunch by Henning Morales and Dr. Suzette Febre-Hart:

The book is a personal development journey for kids. It tells the story of twin brothers who set out on a worldwide adventure where they discover important life lessons and in the process form a set of simple guidelines for a happy life.




The Dirt Merchants film series: Romancery, Rebelistic and The Dirt Merchants

This franchise of films, based on the Amazon bestselling novel, The Dirt Merchants, are brave, inspirational and motivational media phenomenon. The films focus on teenager’s relationships, constantly tested loyalties and transformational life lessons.


An Hero:

The film details a compelling and heartfelt story of a teenage boy who wants to commit suicide. During a 15-minute whirlwind adventure he becomes convinced he has something to live for. A principal message in the film will be to urge people to reach out for help.


Be involved:


Reach out to us, ask questions and get involved. Become a tribe member, mentor, contributor, speaker or volunteer. There are many projects people can tap into.

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