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The short film, Destinova is a motivational drama, based on the best-selling teen novel and film series, The Dirt Merchants, by the film’s writer and director, renowned keynote speaker and youth empowerment expert Henning Morales.

Destinova focuses on a teenage couple, Bella and Quentin, during a conversation in a diner. It’s the morning of New Year’s Day 1986 and apparently Quentin and Bella have reconciled. They are now in the throes of an in-depth conversation in which Quentin confides in Bella, who in turn shares counsel with Quentin, demonstrating wisdom far beyond her years. There is a back and forth of loving, caring and a sharing of life lessons between the two.

The diner conversation is broken up by scenes of extreme motivation, chanting, cheering and singing in a sales pit. Apparently Quentin is an up and coming sales ace in an insane direct sales company; sales of merchandise on the streets, to anyone who will listen. Also peppered throughout the film are speeches by Corrado Banda, a charismatic, no nonsense, tough love motivational speaker.

By the end of the movie we see Quentin stepping up and maturing, while Bella has come to really appreciate the young man that Quentin is turning into.

The theme of the film is essentially the meaning of life for a kid; growing up. Kids call it ‘Destinova’ or ‘the kids’ fast destiny.” Their destiny is to grow up and become a responsible person, someone who cares about other people. We end the film with a celebration; a party of sorts at a night club to laud ‘Destinova’ in a fantastic and positive scene of happy people.

The film series:

Destinova is adapted from The Dirt Merchants Volume 2 and 3 screenplays, sequels to Rebelistic (Dirt Merchants Volume 1) to be released over the summer of 2019. Destinova will be released on its own as a dramatic short later in 2019 after a series of screenings at select film festivals.

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