These like-minded mentors are caring, sharing people with a passion to teach, motivate and

inspire young people. They provide valuable assistance and collaborate with us on live events,

educational courses, TV shows and films that are entertaining, instructive and enriching. 

We produce live events, educational courses, TV shows and films that are not only entertaining, but that also have the goal of mentoring, coaching and inspiring young people. Go to the Events page to see upcoming events. Email us to get involved with any of our numerous projects. 

Meet some of our Mentors...

Dr. Suzette Febre-Hart

Co-Founder - Youth Mentorship Forum


Holding both a Masters and PhD in Education, Suzette is a mentor, educator and mom with over 26 years experience in elementary, intermediate and high school education. Suzette is a renowned expert in assessing the educational needs of students and their effectiveness.

Henning Morales

Co-Founder - Youth Mentorship Forum


Widely considered a premiere motivational speaker and thought leader, Henning's passion in providing motivation, guidance, coaching and mentorship to young people to enable them to lead happy and productive lives has become his life’s purpose.  

Andrew Lane

This Billboard Award record producer, songwriter and musician is an expert within the youth market. He has platinum-record accreditation's for his work on the soundtracks for High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Disneymania 4.     

Debra Faris


Also known as “Ms. LinkedIn”, Debra is a LinkedIn expert, coach and author of LinkedIn for College Students and LinkedIn for Baby Boomers. Debra’s LinkedIn profile is in the top 1% of most-viewed profiles.

Marissa Pei, PhD


Marissa is an international talk radio personality, life balance coach and global thought leader. She is also a bestselling author and a Consulting Psychologist for Fortune 500 companies.​

Pamela Gregory


Forgiveness Healing Therapist and EFT Practitioner, specializing in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, Pamela is the founder of Forgiveness Healing for Humanity and has a private practice counseling clients all over the world (in person and virtually) in the Forgiveness Healing Process™.​

Gianluca Gibbons


Aka Mr. Life Stylist, Gianluca has had the privilege to learn from many experiences and cultures having lived, spoken and performed on stages around the world, from South Africa to Spain and Cuba. By the age of 16 Gianluca had already traveled to 16 different countries and was fluent in 3 languages; French, Spanish and English.

Lisa Lewolt


Lisa is the founder of the Firelife Foundation, a non-profit for at risk youth. She is the keynote speaker for the Power of a Dream Tour in which she has spoken at over 200 events held at schools, challenge programs, churches and hospitals.

Scott Sargeant


From aerospace engineer to Olympic athlete and recovered quadriplegic, Scott has inspired countless people with his courage and triumph, and yet despite this, for 18 years he lived locked away in an inner prison of his own guilt and shame, hiding beneath the surface of a dark secret.


Joshua T. Berglan


CEO of Live Mana Worldwide, a master connector and dream designer, Joshua guides others in discovering their vision and achieving their full potential. Specializing in brand development, and with a gift of creating synergy between the products, brands and people he represents, he utilises his esteemed connections and business experience to birth strategic partnerships.  


Paula D'Andrea


Founder/creator of The True North Method, consultant and speaker, Paula is a committed advocate for independent business women and those who are ready to let go of what is standing in the way of their success.​

Mike C. Manning


An actor and producer, Mike is most known for his role in Disney's Cloud 9, on MTV's Teen Wolf, and in the 3rd instalment of the blockbuster series God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness. He is on the board of Boo2Bullying, the Thirst Project and a mentor for the Young Storytellers Foundation.


Jeff McGrail


Jeff has had an active acting career, working on over 20 films and TV projects including Kevin Costner’s blockbusters Waterworld and The Postman, Long Ride Home with Ernest Borgnine, and Shelter with Charles Durning. He is a founding member of the Actors Co-Op Theater Company in Hollywood and has served on the Board of Advisors for Biola University’s film and television department since mid-1990. 


Katerina Cozias


Known as the Media Mindset Mentor, Katerina is a media expert, bestselling author and founder of VasGeo Media Corp. An innovative communicator with a proven portfolio of success, Katerina knows what it takes to not only increase exposure, but also increase bottom line profits.


Renee Piane


Also known as the Love Designer, Renee is one of the top love coaches in the world, a relationship reinvention expert and author of Get Real about Love and Reinvent your Love Life. An international love consultant, Renee helps people to attract their ultimate match and open their hearts to extraordinary love.


John Duffy


John is a film producer, director, professor and motivational speaker who shares a powerful message of overcoming all odds to succeed in life.


Ruth Klein


Author of six bestselling books, Ruth is one of the most creative brand strategists and productivity coaches for entrepreneurs, small business, authors and professionals. She is president of the award-winning firm, Expert Celebrity Branding™, a results-oriented strategic branding and marketing firm. 


Anita Razzano


Founder of Razzano Effects, Inc., providing production and post production to a variety of film and video genres. With a fine arts and video effects background, Anita strives to make visual art and film pieces that are ‘part of the solution’ with environmental and humanitarian interest. Anita is committed to creating positive impact in the lives of children and the environment.


Alejandro Ruiz


Academic Counselor at USC, Alejandro is dedicated to creating a culture of students who believe in their own talents and potential.


Christy Fair


As Chief Operations Lead for the Founders parties of Yuri’s Night, the largest space party in the world, Christy takes unique pleasure in creating profound moments for human beings to engage and connect with each other.