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These ongoing projects are open for collaboration and participation. The themes of our media

projects include the major issues and challenges facing young people today and provide

strategies and opportunities to address those issues.


The Big Brain Bunch

An introduction to the book from co-author Henning Morales

My 5 Lives (Docu-educational series)

This author, speaker, filmmaker and his friends have lot to say.

Business Matchmaker Sessions (Biz Match)

Spanish Session

Hollywood CEO

 'Tony Robbins meets Access Hollywood' 

The Importance of Mentors

Co-founder, Henning Morales, gives an insight into his background 

The Dirt Merchants Feature Film (Interview)

Writer, Henning Morales on Channel 4

Stop tour (Combating cyber bullying)

Politicians, celebrities and CEO's Campaign

Business Matchmaker Sessions (Biz Match) 

'You need a team'

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