The spark and fire for the soon to be released feature film, Rebelistic,

with the Romancery cast and an expanded story line.



The short film, Romancery, was originally produced as a conceptual film to create exposure for the feature length. Romancery focuses on the relationship between two friends and their resulting success or failure based on their choices, and the short film has been screened to several hundred people at a variety of locations throughout the country. We then decided to go into production on the feature film version, calling it Rebelistic

The novel The Dirt Merchants has received critical and academic acclaim for its hard-hitting writing style and the weaving in of life lessons. The visually stunning, musically inspired Romancery, adapted from The Dirt Merchants novel and screenplay, is intended for young people to enjoy and to also glean success references and distinctions for a happier life. 

All films in The Dirt Merchants series are intended to complement our Youth Mentorship Forums and screenings. We have embarked on a 'fan acquisition campaign' for Dirt Merchants Rebelistic and are actively seeking ‘tribe members’ who have a passion for inspiring young people to be part of our team. Please view, like, comment, share and/or subscribe @RebelisticMovie 

Photos from Dirt Merchants Romancery Filming


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