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We teach young adults the importance of developing a life purpose to ensure their brighter future.

We produce and co-produce a full range of programs that provide the resources to help our

youth realize their potential. Make contact if you're interested in collaborating with us.   


The Dirt Merchants

Behind the scenes documentary of filming the Romancery

promotional trailer for the feature film.

The Dirt Merchants Feature Film (Interview)

Writer, Henning Morales on Channel 4

My 5 Lives (Docu-educational series)

This author, speaker, filmmaker and his friends have lot to say.

Hollywood CEO

'Tony Robbins meets Access Hollywood'

If The Earth Could Speak (Music video)

With Disney and Nickelodeon stars

Youth Mentorship Sessions

Dr. Suzette Hart and Henning Morales discuss issues

facing today's youth.

Excellent Mindset Sessions

Personal development masters share their positive

mindset techniques.

Business Matchmaker Sessions (Biz Match)

'You need a team.'

Business Matchmaker Sessions (Biz Match)

Spanish Session

Ascent Expo (Three day consciousness event)

Authors, Speakers, Music, Fashion

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